Hi, Welcome to Harvestand.com

We are an online 24/7 Farmer’s Market, where you can share or source all your local harvest and food goodies.

Imagine you or your neighbors have an extra bunch of fruits or veggies. These goodies may be sold, traded or gifted, rather than potentially sending them to the waste. Now with Harvestand.com you can easily post and share your goodies with the world.

If you run a farm, a market, or a booth… this is a great way to get the most out of your sales. On a good day you might have a hundred people walk by, but imagine thousands of harvesters nearby looking to source your goodies.

Simply take a picture of your product. Go to the site, choose to add a post, fill out the easy to use form, add the picture of your product and share it with the world. You don’t even need an account to post and it is currently completely free.


If you want access to edit your posts, simply create an account and save your settings so you can keep posting with ease.

Benefits to Harvesters, Sellers, Vendors –

  • Reduces price fixing, middlemen, and a better opportunity to gain a fair price for their products
  • A wider audience and allowing awareness to public of what is local and fresh
  • Relating the harvesters story, history, methods, and heritage to the public
  • Relating how much is available, how much will become available, and getting feedback and or support for future growing cycles
  • Ability to gift extra to non-profits in need and receive credit for taxes
  • Tools for business management and planning as well as documentation
  • Presell products online, fair transaction fees

Benefit to Public, buyers –

  • Awareness of what is the freshest product
  • Knowing where sources came from
  • Best price
  • How much available
  • Connecting to the harvesters, farmers and sources as well as their story
  • Recipes for using the products you are buying
  • Planning ahead for uses and needs in the kitchen