Our Mission

We are about making a difference and addressing food safety issues, empowering our farmers, harvesters, and our local communities. Our goal is to address food security issues and insure that there is less waste and or spoilage while connecting local harvesters and farmers directly to the buyers. Without middlemen or agents we hope that food grown locally is shared where it needs to be at a great price and as fresh as possible. We are about connecting the story and heritage of food and being able to see our connections to the natural resources and creating a consciousness in order to protect the limited resources currently available.

Food Security – Where does our food come from? Who is touching the food? What is the history of the farm? Does the farm use GMO? Does the farm use Pesticides? How far away is your food traveling from? How long has it been in a warehouse? How long has it been in transport? How long has it been at the docks? How long has it been in the back of the store? What happens if the ship, airplane, or truck does not make it? How much food is available where you are and how long will it last? Is everyone around you getting enough fresh healthy food? How healthy is your community? Are your neighbors going hungry? Are elders and children in your community eating fresh food for life? How much food is going into the garbage or being wasted? If after asking yourself these questions, you are concerned then you are already becoming conscious and aware and we as an organization for food have done our best to address some of our goals.

A dedicated Harvestand team monitors the system for you. Our IT team fixes problems and makes ongoing improvements and changes as needed.

We plan on expanding our feature sets and release updates on a regular basis. Let us know if you have other requirements and we will do our best to fulfill them.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of our easy to use iOS and Android/Google play apps.